Investigative background searches

We search for and analyse information gathered on selected individuals and legal entities. Our analytical work and thorough knowledge of the Czech and Slovak environment and industry enable us to answer even the toughest questions our clients have.

With our experience, tools and skills, we can effectively search publicly available sources to gather information which the clients at first thought to be impossible. We review large numbers of sources of information, identify key risks, and uncover previously hidden facts.

We use our network of cooperating partners to help us with local and international background investigations. The partners include forensic specialists, private detectives, specialized business intelligence agencies and technical experts from various sectors of the economy.

Based on our investigations, the clients:

  • Obtain the most recent information about a target
  • Identify links and undisclosed relationships of the selected business partners or employees with third parties (including politicians, criminals, lobbyists or individuals with bad reputation)
  • Assess credibility and integrity of a target
  • Identify beneficial owners of a target
  • Understand the risks related to a potential cooperation with a target

Contact us:

If you are interested in our services, please contact Ján Lalka via the following email or phone number:

M: +420 737 235 595