What we do

We are specialists in the investigation and prevention of serious management fraud and sophisticated financial crime. Since 2008, we’ve helped our clients manage fraud risks by gathering and analyzing information, investigating fraud allegations, tracing of assets and the creation of fraud prevention systems.

Our core services include: detecting and investigating economic crime through forensic auditing and forensic investigations, background information gathering on physical and legal entities, identification of undisclosed links and conflicts of interests as well as asset tracing and litigation support.

Surveilligence runs two offices in the Czech Republic (Prague) and Slovakia (Bratislava). Thanks to our outstanding long-term relationships and cooperation with other investigative, audit and consultancy companies, we have been able to fulfil the demands of our clients in other countries in Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Moreover, we’ve assisted our clients with background information and forensic investigations in other European countries including Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria as well as some Balkan countries.