Data analysis

We process and analyse the obtained databases and help our clients to find valuable information in large volumes of structured data (typically stored in SQL, MySQL, Sybase databases or office applications).

Examples of the main types of data analysis we commonly do:

  • Structured data analysis – e.g. from accounting databases, ERP or payment systems and Excel files
  • Non-structured data conversion – for example PDF bank statements converted to excel file
  • General database analysis - document management system, customer relationship management
  • Conversion of documents from paper into digital format
  • Visualization of complex reports and data files into transparent tables and charts

We deliver our clients:

  • Organized and comprehensible reports
  • Processed data in any requested format
  • Interpretation of analysed data

Contact us:

If you are interested in our services, please contact Filip Volavka via the following email or phone number:

M: +420 733 169 155