Forensic investigation / audits

We use our investigative, auditing and accounting expertise to thoroughly examine existing fraud allegations in the client’s company and to gather evidence for further legal proceedings. Our strength is our ability to identify information that is hidden and fragmented in many sources in order to reconstruct an overall picture of the past events and to simply explain to clients what happened in their company.

The investigation usually includes a review of internal policies & procedures as well as applicable legislation. Moreover, it includes a deep analysis of digital accounting and financial records and available documentation. We perform background searches in public sources to gather and evaluate information on the selected targets. We further conduct interviews with employees and with third parties. Based on the assessment and analysis of the gathered evidence and our findings, we propose measures to improve the company’s control system and to recover the fraud losses.

Our forensic report includes the following elements:

  • Gathered evidence
  • Identification of potential fraudulent transactions and their description
  • Assessment of the impact and amount of fraud losses
  • Identification of potential perpetrators
  • Summary of findings and recommendations for further steps

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