Asset tracing and insolvency support

Our insolvency support involves investigation of financial crimes in the debtor’s operations, tracing of the debtor’s assets, obtaining evidence of asset stripping and helping clients with asset recovery.

Our asset tracing entails a thorough gathering of information, including internal accounting records, company documentation and external information about relationships and background of debtor’s representatives and third parties.

Moreover, we utilize forensic technologies (i.e. data tests and analyses) together with advanced forensic accounting techniques to identify irregular transactions and asset transfers.

We are members of an insolvency expert community. We performed several dozens of insolvency related projects and identified irregular and fraudulent transactions equal to several dozen millions of EUR.

Our forensic report includes the following elements:

  • identified ineffectiveor disadvantageous transactions executed by the debtor’s representatives
  • identified transactions which are to the detriment of the debtor’s creditors
  • identified red flags of insolvency fraud, tunnelling and other types of financial crimes
  • identified undisclosed links and relationships between the debtor and third parties
  • gathered evidence

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If you are interested in our services, please contact Ján Lalka via the following email or phone number:

M: +420 737 235 595