Preservation and analysis of digital evidence

We assist our clients with digital forensic investigations of various financial crime allegations. We conduct professional data preservation, forensic analysis and prepare expert opinions.

Typical investigations include the following types of allegations:

  • Leak of business information to competitors by client’s employees
  • Theft of sensitive corporate data
  • Breach of statutory duties of clients representatives
  • Disadvantageous business deals
  • Unfair competition of former key representatives
  • Conflict of interest of employees

The output of our work is:

  • A forensic report or expert opinion report, which will include thorough description of the case, quantification of damages and identification of responsible personnel
  • Gathered evidence of illegal activities and fraudulent behaviour
  • Recommendation of further legal actions for future litigation

Contact us:

If you are interested in our services, please contact Filip Volavka via the following email or phone number:

M: +420 733 169 155